Q: Can you please talk in a little detail about the Mind and intellect, and how are they related?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:  So what is mind? Are you listening? Are you aware that you are reading right now?  If your eyes are open and your ears are of course open, sound anyways goes into your ears but if your mind is elsewhere, can you listen? No! Isn’t it? So this mind is that through which you perceive, you feel, correct! That, which goes out through the five senses and experiences, is mind.
Okay! So if you experience through mind then what is intellect? As you experience you say, ‘oh, this is good, this is not good, I want this, I don’t want that’. You know intellect is the judging or discriminating aspect. As you are reading this, your mind is saying, ‘well, I don’t like it’ or ‘I believe it’ or ‘I don’t believe it’, you are going into a dialogue, this is intellect; Whether you agree with me or you disagree with me, it doesn’t matter – but are you aware, you are agreeing or disagreeing? This matters a lot.


Have ever observed, you listen to some word, and your mind like a google search presents so many thoughts in front of you, and you react according to the strongest impulse. E.g. just observe your mind right now when you read FIVE - A digit, five star hotel, five star chocolate, 5 PM, 5 AM, 5 million...That which makes you chose how you react out of so many options is your intellect. From where all those options rain in the mind is the storehouse of information or events, called memory. To be little more aware of what information goes in the mind can take one long way ahead. 


What is recognizing the experiences? Where are the experiences stored? 
Have you noticed the nature of the memory? Having got ten compliments and one insult, what will you hold on to? It clings on to the negative. Life gives you hundred choices to be happy, and some 20 sad instances. But what does memory cling on to? Those few negative instances here and there! The memory is very strange!
The very remembrance of this nature of memory liberates you, makes you light at that very moment.
You listen to a word and all that which has been stored in the memory comes as a flash. Which is the faculty which chooses and makes you respond?

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